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News, Uncategorized - February 7, 2014

OTTAWA, CANADA (February 3, 2014) – As new Internet domain name registries move from business plans to reality, attention now turns to marketing and sales. Smart Internet Foundation – the registry for .ДЕТИ – selected and its auction services platform to help accelerate their introduction to global markets. “Auctions are…

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Another step to the sunrise phase for .ДЕТИ

News - February 4, 2014

The .ДЕТИ (Russian for “children”) TLD successfully passed its pre-delegation testing, according to ICANN’s letter to the Smart Internet Foundation, the .ДЕТИ registry. The pre-delegation testing is the final step before a new gTLD is delegated. The top-level domain has to pass a number of tests, including checking the DNS infrastructure, EPP…

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How does USA protect kids online

News - August 6, 2013

When we were children, we used to read paper books. We played hide-and-seek on our backyards and the word of wisdom was the word of our parents. Since then a lot has changed. Kids sit in their rooms, suprisingly shy, and play online games. And if something is unclear, they…

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Law-abiding volunteer: myth or reality?

News - July 29, 2013

What is it – being a volunteer? Firstly, it is a great honor given to you. Secondly, it is a  grave responsibility. And finally – excellent opportunity to practice your skills (whatever they are) and at the same time help people in despair or preserve the environment. But enough these…

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ICANN accredited the domain « .ДЕТИ ».

News - April 6, 2013

 Cyrillic top-level domain « .ДЕТИ » successfully passed the initial assessment phase of ICANN. This means that the platform for young Russian-speaking Internet audience will be available soon in the global network. Smart Internet Foundation applied for the domain. The new Cyrillic domain will become an independent Internet web-space adapted…

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The Internet speaks Russian

News - March 25, 2013

 The Russian language is ranked secound-most popular on the Internet, according to the research of W3Techs. The most widespread language is English. About 54,7 percent from total amount of pages and documents in worldwide network are in English. The Russian language took second place in the ranking of languages​​, according…

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The Voice of Russia radio rated the activity of VOLONTER.RU and Smart Internet Foundation

News, Uncategorized - December 26, 2012

The leading international Russian radio The Voice of Russia, which broadcasts to 160 countries in 38 languages for a total of 151 hours per day, made a program about Russian’s charity and volunteer organizations. Most of the program was devoted to the activity of non-commercial organization VOLONTER.RU. The journalist of international…

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Smart Internet presented a new educational project at RIW 2012

News - October 19, 2012

Russian Internet Week — is a multi-stream three-day conference comprised of  exhibitions, extracurricular activities, presentations and promotion activities by leading IT companies. There were discussed the most relevant issues of the modern Internet: children’s safety, future of Internet media, personnel market, new gTLD program of ICANN, etc. Smart Internet Foundation…

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ICANN: new solution for delegating new gTLD

News - October 11, 2012

After long months of analysis of public opinion full of fears and speculations, ICANN is proposing a plan for prioritizing applications through the steps leading to delegation. The plan describes assignment of priorities through the use of a Draw or Drawing. Draw or Drawing means the priority those assigned to each application will be…

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Saudi Arabia objects to .catholic and .islam domain names

News - August 16, 2012

By Heather Kelly (CNN) — The Saudi Arabian government is objecting to a number of proposed new Internet address endings, including .gay, .bar, .baby and .islam. The country claims the .gay domain would promote homosexuality and would be offensive to “many societies and cultures.” Saudi Arabia’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) filed objections…

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