.ДЕТИ at Russian Children’s Book Festival

The festival included an awards ceremony and workshops by winners of the Children’s Digital Reading competition organized in partnership with the Smart Internet Foundation

Seventh meeting of the Children’s IT Security Working Group

The agenda included informational and educational materials for children and parents on smart home security and the cancellation of illegal domains’ delegation outside national domain…

Pedagogical heritage and up to date education in the information society

Representatives of the .ДЕТИ told the teaching’ community about interactive projects to improve digital skills among novice internet users

Children’s IT security working group opens its fall session

Canceling the domain name delegation for domains with illegal content located outside country domain zones was on the agenda

Junior Innovators contest: Results

A rehabilitation robot for children with disabilities named the best project

Domain security

Forms of self-regulation existing in the Russian national domains .RU and .РФ as well as in the Cyrillic domain .ДЕТИ to prevent dissemination of illicit…

Electronic Week held in the Altai with .ДЕТИ domain

Barnaul hosted one of the largest IT events in the region, which included a meeting of young IT volunteers who learned about the .ДЕТИ domain…

School of the Future, or Information Technologies in Education

The Smart Internet Foundation presented educational projects in the .ДЕТИ domain at an international conference in Troitsk

The Risks of children’s internet addiction

The Russian Civic Chamber hosted an expanded meeting of the Council under the Children’s Rights Commissioner. Representatives of the .ДЕТИ domain talked about the report…

Agreement with the National Parent Association

The founder of the Smart Internet Foundation joined efforts with the parenting community to carry out educational, awareness-raising and research work in IT

Smart Internet Foundation

Developing safe internet for kids in russia

Our main project is the creation of new gTLD .ДЕТИ. This includes registration, development and technical support. We expect that friendly domain .ДЕТИ will be a platform that unites Russian-speaking children and protects them from online dangers. We believe that children Internet can be amusing and secure.