.ДЕТИ domain celebrates its sixth anniversary

News - February 26, 2020

The positive web space for children and their parents celebrates its birthday.

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Smart Journal gets news sections on safety and talented children

News - January 24, 2018

The children’s internet e-zine features two new important sections, IT Security and Talented Children The online edition of The Smart Journal, available on the Smart Internet Foundation website, the administrator of the .ДЕТИ domain, features two new sections: IT Security and Talented Children. The magazine contains articles, interviews and videos…

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Results of the Public Council under Russia’s children’s rights commissioner

News - December 19, 2017

The Working Group on Children’s Information Security, which includes representatives of the .ДЕТИ domain, was recognized as the most effective of the seven working groups of the Council. On December 19, the Civic Chamber of Russia hosted the final meeting of the Public Council under the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s…

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Children’s information security trends

News - December 14, 2017

Representatives of the .ДЕТИ domain were invited to take part in the final 2017 meeting of the Working Group on Children’s Information Security On December 14, the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ hosted a regular meeting of the Working Group on Children’s Information Security, which is part of the Public…

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Internet security lesson at .ДЕТИ

News - October 31, 2017

The Единыйурок.дети website has tested children’s internet literacy level On October 30, 2017 Russian schools organized an Internet security lesson aimed at raising the digital literacy level, in particular, teaching students the safe use of the web, privacy when using information technology, and protection from adverse content and malware. The…

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.ДЕТИ Domain Onboard The Cruize Ship

News - June 7, 2017

The XXII Conference of representatives of the regional scientist- educational networks RELARN 2017 was held May 31 – June 21, 2017. School and academia teachers and research organization representatives from different parts of Russia took part in it. Smart Internet Foundation was the organizer of the event supported by Coordination…

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About Experience of the .ДЕТИ Domain at the “Svyaz 2017” Business Forum

News - April 30, 2017

The Business Forum was held on April 25-27 in the frames of exhibition “Svyaz 2017” where the main topic was digital transformation of the government services, social institutes and business. Denis Zhilin, Marketing director of the Smart Internet Foundation, made a report in the section “Security of the Information and…

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About Communications in The Age of IT at The Big Media Communication Forum 2017 / BMCF 2017

News - April 28, 2017

The Big Media Communication Forum 2017 / BMCF 2017 was held in Moscow on April 25-27 during the “Svyaz” exhibition. It was devoted to the trends of the development of the digital economy, as well as to the current issues of the media and communications industry. Representatives of the .ДЕТИ…

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RIF+KIB 2017 Results

News - April 25, 2017

The 21-st Russian Internet Forum RIF 2017 was held in Moscow region on April 19-21. One of its main topics was presentation with results of the digital and mobile economics of Russia research. According to it the share of the Internet market in the country’s GDP is 2.8%; Runet population…

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About IT-Education Future

News - April 21, 2017

“The future of the IT-education in Russia” round table was held on April, 20 in High School of Economic, where representatives of the leading institutes and big IT companies discussed strategy of the preparation of the human staff for work with ICT. Discussion opened with the report by Victoria Bunchuk,…

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